Buckland Park Lake – Planning application

Update published 1st March 2018

Buckland Estate submitted amendments to planning application SCC/2017/0143 (MO/2017/1797) at the start of February and SCC has since launched a consultation with a closing date of 9th March 2018.

On Wednesday 28th February 2018, Buckland Estate held a meeting in Buckland Reading Room to provide an opportunity, during the consultation period, for local residents to engage with Dominic Sanders and Duncan Ferns.

Dominic Sanders advised “Buckland Estate invites residents to comment on the amended planning application to open Buckland Park Lake to the public. The main change from the original application has been to drop the weddings business stream, restrict amplified and live music and use of the site after dusk and to expand the outdoor activity centre slightly to give provision for hire of one room, including for community events.

Dominic has previously emphasised that the “Estate is sensitive to local residents views and welcomes feedback” so, if you were unable to attend last night’s meeting you are encouraged to contact Buckland Estate to discuss any concerns or issues you might have.  Click update to download a copy of the slides and request to read a letter distributed to those attending the meeting.

If you have any comments, queries or concerns with respect to this application it is important you take the time, as soon as practicable, to make a personal representation to the Case Officer at Surrey County Council i.e. the relevant planning authority.  Representations can be submitted via the relevant planning portal or by writing a letter to SCC.  As Mole Valley District Council is a consultee you may wish to provide a copy of your response to MVDC.

SCC Ref 2017/0143: (MO/2017/1797) The development of Buckland Park Lake comprising: 1) a café with associated terrace and disabled parking; 2) outdoor activity centre comprising mobile units; 3) observation pavilion; 4) entry kiosk; 5) two bird hides; 6) a picnic lawn with steps; 7) children’s playground area; 8) car park; 9) water tank/pond; 10) floating pontoon. All for public use in association with the approved water based recreation and proposed land-based outdoor recreation after use, of the former silica sand quarry, known as Park Pit at Park Pit, Reigate Road, Buckland, Surrey RH3 7BE.

Update as published 14th November 2017

On Monday 30th October 2017, Buckland Estate held a meeting in Buckland Reading Room to provide an opportunity for Dominic Sanders and Duncan Ferns to discuss the Estate’s recently submitted planning application to develop Buckland Park Lake with the local community.  The meeting, that was attended by over 70 residents, lasted around two hours and provided a forum for issues and concerns to be aired.

The principal focus of discussion was the concern voiced by many residents about the potential for excessive noise from the events site, particularly from amplified music and evening weddings.  Dominic Sanders emphasised he had taken on board residents’ requests to withdraw the Estate’s plans for the events site and advised the Estate will now take time to consider its response.

The Estate has also since met with a smaller group of residents who had requested an opportunity to propose alternative activities; with a view to addressing residents’ concerns while preserving the financial viability of the site.

When Buckland Parish Council met on Monday 13th November 2017 it agreed to submit an initial response to the application and noted that the SCC Case Officer had advised it likely the applicant would be asked to supply additional information after which a further period of consultation is likely.


March 2, 2018