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Buckland Nurseries was established as a family run garden centre business over 150 years ago.  David and Linda Hogg

The business was founded by Thomas Hogg in 1865 and has continued through six generations of the Hogg family into the hands of David and Linda Hogg (pictured alongside). 

Buckland Nurseries stocks a wide range of perennials, trees, shrubs, bedding plants, roses, herbs, garden sundries, tools, turf, seeds, paving and gravels and the friendly team looks forward to giving you a lovely welcome when you next visit their traditional Garden Centre. 

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February Garden Notes – trees for every area

There’s a Chinese proverb which says that “ the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best is now.”  It’s true that many trees will only mature in the long-term, but there is great pleasure to be had from the excitement of seeing a young sapling gradually develop into a majestic feature in your garden.

There are trees suitable for most aspects of every size of garden. For smaller gardens look at Prunus Amanogawa.  This ornamental cherry has erect, vertical branches which are smothered in pale pink flowers from mid-April.  Even older specimens will rarely be much broader than 60cm.  Catalpa Bignonioides, the Indian Bean tree, is typically wide but will produce striking golden-yellow foliage which can easily be controlled within 2 metres tall.  Salix Hakuro Nishiki, the flamingo willow, is so compact it will happily grow in a pot.  It’s best loved for the delicate foliage which is tinged shrimp-pink when young.

For larger gardens, Cercis Siliquastrum, the Judas tree, can ultimately grow to 5m.  The rich pink spring flowers and bright green leaves are followed in the autumn by purple seed pods and golden yellow foliage.  Malus, ornamental crab apple, will also give autumn interest, their small fruits regularly used in jams and jellies.  There are many varieties from which to choose, such as Floribunda, Golden Hornet and Red Sentinel: all have various colours of leaf and fruit.  Crataegus is often overlooked as its common name is hawthorn.  However, it is robust, reliable and again will produce autumn berries as well as spring blossom.

Always check your soil conditions and ultimate height and spread of trees before planting.  You will find there are plenty that will thrive.

More about trees in March….


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Buckland Nurseries