Village Pond & Green

pondPCPostcard – c 1910

Pond & Green Maintenance

Buckland Parish Council maintains the village pond and adjacent green as an area for recreation.

In July 2016, the Parish Council adopted a five year Management Plan for the village pond and green. A copy of this plan, which was prepared by Simon Elson, Surrey County Council’s Biodiversity Lead for Open Standing Water Habitats, can be obtained by contacting the Parish Clerk.

On Sunday 10th July 2016 a Village Tidy was held, under the guidance of Simon Elson and with the considerable support of the Reigate Area Conservation volunteers.

A working party of fifteen village volunteers and fifteen Reigate Area Conservation volunteers removed large quantities of unwanted vegetation from the pond, cleared debris from a length of hard surfaced footpath along the south side of the A25 to restore it to its full width and cut back vegetation overhanging the path to help keep the surface clear of debris.  During the event a healthy population of common newts were observed in the pond and a freshwater leech was encountered. Two native species have been recorded – native water plantains and glyceria flutians (a grass) and one theory is that their growth could have been prompted by last year’s mechanical clearance activating a dormant seedbed.  A big thank you to everyone who turned out to help!

Despite the successful pond clearance in July, August’s weather provided near perfect growing conditions for vegetation in the pond.  Simon Elson, having inspected the pond, issued a rallying cry for a follow up event and led a valiant team of 9 villagers to complete an Autumn Pond Clearance on Sunday 25th September 2016.

The next pond clearance and village tidy is planned for Sunday 6th August 2017- please keep the morning free to come along and join in at 10am.

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