Surrey Police ask for you help

Last year we received over 430,000 calls from the public which is approximately 1,178 calls a day – a high number of them were not Policing Matters.

Why is that? In most cases people call us as they don’t know which agency to contact. If you’re thinking of getting in touch, you can help us by ensuring that what you’re contacting us about is a Policing Matter first.

If a crime is happening, has been committed or you have a concern for life; that’s when you should contact us.

Trafficking, domestic abuse, death threats, sexual offences, hate crime, child abuse or missing persons are all crimes we deal with on a daily basis. The list is endless and we have to focus our efforts to support the most vulnerable in our community.

For all other calls there may be another appropriate agency. Surrey Police receive thousands of calls each year reporting bad parking and abandoned or nuisance vehicles. Did you know those are generally issues Mole Valley District Council deals with?

As it is vital we use our resources to help those who most need us, please Think Twice before dialling 999. We also receive thousands of abandoned 999 calls each year – please take care when using your phone and help avoid these calls. If you do accidentally call 999 please stay on the line to tell us so we won’t need to return your call and/or send officers to see check all is okay.

Please help to protect our time so we can prioritise our resources and deliver the best service we can to the Surrey community. To find out more who can help you with your enquiry please visit the Surrey Police website.
August 17, 2021