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SES Water Customer Update

We hope you were as excited about the rain as we were, but unfortunately it doesn’t mean the drought is over.

Everything you have done so far to reduce your water use has been incredible and, along with our work to tackle leaks, has meant we’ve not had to introduce a hosepipe ban.

Our resources continue to be below average for this time of year and with the dry weather looking to continue into the bank holiday weekend, we’re asking you to keep going with your water saving.

The change in weather certainly helped as customers used less water in their gardens. Since the rain earlier this week, we have pumped 25 per cent less water to customers compared to when the heatwave earlier in the month. However, the rainfall hasn’t increased our groundwater levels.

85 per cent of our water comes from aquifers underground and these collect water from October to April. It’s meant we’ve been able to keep taps running this summer, but it also means we need normal winter rainfall before we notice the water levels in these aquifers start to replenish.

Everyone who is reducing their water use has pulled through for their neighbours and community and we’re so pleased to see the work you’ve put in to save this precious resource.

It’s therefore important we all keep going and continue to re-use washing up water on plants, letting our lawns go brown and taking shorter showers, as this will help get through this dry summer without the need for us to introduce any restrictions. More top tips can be found here.

Update issued 26th August 2022