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Future of St Mary’s Church

The impending departure of our Rector, Anna Moore, has created the second interregnum within a very short timescale, and the four church wardens of our United Benefice have spoken to the Archdeacon about a number of issues arising from this interregnum.

As Churchwardens, we think, along with Anna and the PCC, it worthwhile to hold an Open Forum in Buckland so that we can explain succinctly the Church of England’s thinking about the new Rector, our current financial position and to hear your views, all of which will help us to decide the best way forward.

In order to minimise weekday meetings for everyone, we are combining this invitation with the talk to be on the history of village by Duncan Ferns to be given in our church on 26th October at 7.30pm. Duncan’s talk will remain the main purpose of the evening.

A village church can only survive with the support of the people of the village and beyond so if you are interested in the future of St Mary’s, we would very much appreciate your attendance and views.

Those views can be expressed when we meet; alternatively we are happy to receive your comments afterwards by any means, email, telephone call or even a letter (our contact details can be found on the inside of the front cover any Buckland parish magazine). Betchworth PCC has scheduled a similar meeting for 23rd September.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to know more or have comments please contact either Liz or David.

Liz Vahey and David Sayce