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Roadworks in my area

It can seem that in whichever direction you choose to travel you will encounter roadworks on our local highways and sometimes the advance warning notices that appear alongside the roads do not always give as much information as would be ideal.

SCC Highways encourages us to visit Roadworks in my area.  It is possible to customise the roadworks mapping to reflect the roads you use and to set up email alerts for routes relevant to you. SCC Highways  has provided a guide to setting up an alert – click here to download a copy of the guide.

SCC Highways does publish weekly bulletins – click here to read the latest available information. The team has issued a cautionary note that to be sure you pick up details of any short notice or emergence works you will need to refer to the above website. 

When the Highways England contractors complete roadworks that close sections of the M25 or M23 satellite navigation systems do seem to direct drivers along the A25.  If diversion signs appear alongside the A25 and you cannot find any details of planned roadworks via the links above try clicking Highways England.