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Compost bin and hot composter sales

Surrey residents can buy a range of reduced-price compost bins, hot composters, food waste digesters and other composting products courtesy of a subsidy provided by the Surrey Environment Partnership.

The standard compost bins below are currently available to Surrey residents with a significant price reduction that includes delivery:

• Blackwall 220- litre black compost converter
• Blackwall 220- litre green compost converter
• Blackwall 330- litre black compost converter
• Blackwall 330- litre green compost converter

Buy a reduced-price compost bin from Get Composting.

You can also buy a Green Johanna hot composter, which composts all food waste, at a reduced price that includes delivery:

Buy a reduced-price hot composter from Great Green Systems, which also provides a variety of exclusively discounted composting products all year round.