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Surrey Hills Forest Plan 2023-2033


Forest Plans define the long-term vision for a woodland or a collection of woodlands and set out how management will move towards achieving this vision over the next ten years.

We would like to invite you to leave some feedback on our proposed revision to the Forest Plan covering Forestry England managed woodlands in the Surrey Hills. This forms part of our consultation with stakeholders that helps to ensure we achieve an appropriate balance of objectives.

Why your views matter

The Surrey Hills Forest Plan has come up for revision. We are asking for your feedback on the management proposals and objectives in the plan.

We are required to manage our woodlands in line with the UK Woodland Assurance Standard certification scheme. This helps to fulfil our objectives as sustainable land managers within the nation’s forests. The Forest Plan is available to download in PDF format.

The consultation will run from 19th January 2023 until 2nd March 2023.