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Help to improve local health and wellbeing services

The Independent Mental Health Network (IMHN) is excited to announce its new survey that aims to improve access to community-based health and wellbeing services in Surrey and NE Hants. 

The insights and experiences provided by participants of the survey are essential in helping their project team to deliver evidence-based recommendations and imbed community voices within current service improvements to the Mental Health sector.

The survey is open to all residents of Surrey and NE Hants, that are over 18 years old:
IMHN Survey – Experience of Accessing Health and Wellbeing Services in Surrey & NE Hants

The IMHN Co-production and Community Engagement Officers are also interested in speaking with residents of the following demographics, to ensure that the services offered by the Community Mental Health Transformation Programme are accessible and effective for these populations:

If you know someone who might be interested, please contact Charlotte Payne, the Co-production and Community Engagement Officer at the Surrey Coalition of Disabled People. You can call or send a text to Charlotte using 07492 249 513 or email Charlotte