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Natural England invites you to have your say on proposed extensions to the Surrey Hills AONB

The Surrey Hills AONB boundary has not been reviewed since its original designation in 1958 and there have been repeated calls by local campaigners to reconsider the boundary.

Following a series of landscape evaluation studies and a formal request by the Surrey Hills AONB Board, Natural England has now started the AONB boundary review process.

Your responses to this consultation will help to inform Natural England’s decision on whether to take forward its proposals and, if so, where the boundaries should be.

Buckland sits within Evaluation Area 11 (EA11), which Natural England is referring to as Betchworth Hills and Mole Valley. When you click the link below to access the consultation documents the following tips should help you locate the sections which focus on EA11:

Please take this opportunity to respond to Natural England’s consultation on its proposal to extend the boundaries of the Surrey Hills AONB

A copy of Buckland Parish Council’s response to the consultation is available to download.

Natural England will publish a summary of the responses following the end of the consultation period. The deadline for responses is 13th June 2023.