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Oak Processionary Moth

9 June 2024

Oak processionary moth has been found in Surrey - all sightings should be reported to the Forestry Commission - read more....
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Public Bridleway – Temporary Closure BW 474

24 May 2024

SCC has granted temporary order of Public Bridleway 474 to facilitate the installation of a new water. Check the details of the diversion before you head out!
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Sign up with My Mole Valley for alerts

20 May 2024

Sign up for alerts to ensure you never put the wrong bin out and/or you are alerted to planning applications submitted near your home
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Surrey residents joint 2nd best in country for recycling

17 May 2024

Surrey residents came in joint 2nd for recycling in 2022/23 which is great but ranked only 16th out of 29 when it came to minimising contaminated recycling.....find out how you can help Surrey improve its ranking and overall performance
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Do you sometimes wonder whether you need to call MVDC or SCC?

11 May 2024

MVDC recently published a poster to help residents know who to call with their query - take a look to see if you learn something new!
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Opportunity to receive training

11 May 2024

Would you like to receive training to help you use the MVDC website ?
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Have noisy or speeding vehicles been a problem where you live?

4 May 2024

Are noisy or speeding vehicles are a problem where you live? If yes, instead of chatting about noise or speed with friends and neighbours, please complete a short survey to help focus your local police team's efforts!
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What do you think the Surrey Hills should be like at the end of this century?

1 May 2024

Can you describe the future - the Surrey Hills National Landscape Board is asking you to express your views
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Energy Surveys Project 

21 April 2024

Take this opportunity to receive a free thermal imaging survey to identify what actions you could take to reduce your fuel bills!
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Buckland’s Sunday Bus Service

2 April 2024

Are you aware buses operate on a Sunday? Find out more by reading this news post.
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Spring 2024 : Update on the Surrey Hills National Landscape Boundary Review

18 March 2024

Surrey Hills Board provides an update on Natural England's review of the Surrey Hills boundaries.
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Surrey Highways Newsletter

10 January 2024

Sign up to receive a copy of the recently launched (January 2024) newsletter for Surrey residents…
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