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Going Greener with less guilt


We are increasingly surrounded by marketing and media messages encouraging us to go for greener products and services, and it can at times be a bit overwhelming trying to work out which claims are genuine, and which are the ones that really matter for reducing our impact on the climate. Few of us have the time or patience to investigate the real climate impact of all of our purchasing decisions. 

A useful approach is to look at our personal or household “carbon footprint” – how much carbon emissions we are responsible for generating each year, and what are the big contributors to the total. We can then make more informed choices about what actions we want to take to reduce our carbon emissions, and feel more relaxed about the choices we make that have minimal impact on our carbon emissions. It’s a bit like making an annual budget – understanding how much money you have to spend in the year, and deciding what are your priorities for spending that money – but doing it with carbon emissions.

The trouble is that it is not yet easy to accurately work out the carbon emissions for which you are responsible – but there is a growing amount of information out there that can help us make a decent estimate, and at least understand the big contributors to our carbon emissions, and what we might do to reduce them.

This webinar will aim to share simple and practical ways of estimating the key elements of your carbon footprint, and to help you make more informed choices about what actions might have the biggest impact in reducing your carbon emissions.

We’ll aim to demystify some of the confusing questions on this topic, such as:

* How are carbon emissions measured?

* Of the carbon emissions for which the UK is responsible, how much of this is household emissions?

* How can I estimate my household carbon emissions, and whether my emissions are higher or lower than the national average?

* What are the choices I can make that would have the biggest impact in reducing my carbon emissions?

If you would be interested in participating in this webinar, please contact me. If you are interested but cannot make the date, we can also send you further information after the webinar, if you let me know.

Ken Caldwell


Buckland Low Carbon Network

Location: Online
Contact: See above details