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Re-Betchworth : Gardening with rainwater

Can a Garden Water Scientist help you prepare for the next dry summer?

Join us for a Re-Betchworth Community Zoom meeting and find out. Thursday 23 March 7.00 – 8.00pm.

There’s no charge – it’s free to all.

In our second Zoom meeting on the theme of Caring for Our Water we are delighted to have Janet Manning as our guest speaker. Janet has both a horticultural and a scientific background in water management and was, until recently, the first RHS Garden Water Scientist.   Janet will share her knowledge of how we might optimise the use of rainwater in our gardens for plants and wildlife, based on the mains2rains’ project she undertook while at RHS Wisley. She will set this in the wider context of the decreasing availability of water in a rapidly changing climate and our role in enabling plant and animal life to flourish to contribute to a future that is more sustainable.

To register for this free Zoom meeting please email Re-Betchworth