Buckland Low Carbon Network

Following a strong response from Buckland residents we are delighted to confirm we are going ahead to establish the Buckland Low Carbon Network.

The aim of the network is to exchange ideas and experience amongst Buckland residents of practical ways of reducing our carbon emissions – hopefully to help inspire us all on practical and affordable steps we may consider to reduce our carbon emissions. If you are considering possible next steps, and would like to talk to someone in the community who has done it, we aim to be able to put you in touch. And we hope to run occasional events on specific topics to help inspire us all.

In February, we held our first meeting, which focused on the topic of renewable heating – particularly heat pumps. We had a useful briefing on the options, and drew on the experience of four households in Buckland who have installed air source heat pumps or ground source heat pumps. (We’ d be happy to share information from this meeting with anyone who is interested, but was not able to make the meeting.)

On the second occasion we met we focused on Green Energy Suppliers. We considered questions what is a green energy supplier, does it really make any difference if you sign up with a green energy supplier, whether all green energy suppliers are the same, or whether some are greener than others?

We are proposing to hold our next meeting (by Zoom) on Tuesday 22nd June at 7 pm, focusing on the topic of Solar Generation and Storage – we’ll be looking at questions like:

  • What is the environmental case for generating your own solar energy at home?
  • Is my house suitable for solar panels?
  • What would they cost to install and run, and how are they likely to impact on my energy bills and carbon emissions?
  • Should I be considering linking solar panels up to a home battery?

If you have recent experience of installing solar panels, and would be happy to share what you learned, we’d love to hear from you!

If you live in Buckland and are interested in participating in this meeting, or would like to join our Network, or would like to talk to someone in your local community about other low carbon topics,  please contact me.

Ken Caldwell
Buckland Resident

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