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Buckland Low Carbon Network

The Buckland Low Carbon Network aims to share ideas and experience amongst residents of Buckland on practical steps we can take to reduce our carbon emissions – hopefully to help inspire us all on practical and affordable steps we may consider to help create a more sustainable planet for future generations. It is open to all residents of Buckland, and to interested people from neighbouring villages.

We hold 3-4 meetings a year on specific topics, and have resources we can share on heat pumps, solar energy, electric cars and bikes, green energy suppliers, and home insulation, as well as a  network of local people who are happy to share their experience of them. If you are interested in tapping into local experience on any of these issues, or would like to join our network, please email me.

The network was launched at the start of 2021 and during its launch year hosted a series of virtual meetings. To read reports of the meetings held earlier this year and during 2021 please visit the Low Carbon Network archive.

Tuesday 18th October, 7-8pm via zoom

The changing economics of investing to reduce energy bills and emissions

The dramatic increase in household energy prices over the last six months is affecting us all, with energy bills this winter for most of us likely to be close to double what they were last winter, even with the government’s new energy price cap. No-one is sure how long the higher energy prices will last, but few economists are expecting energy bills to return to 2021 levels any time soon.

There are various simple steps we can all take to reduce our household energy usage, but the bigger reductions usually require some investment. If you are a home owner, higher energy prices make investing to reduce your energy consumption – and your carbon emissions – a much more attractive prospect.

The next meeting of the Low Carbon Network will take a fresh look at some of the common options for achieving significant reductions in your household energy bills and emissions, and how the return on investment is changing as a result of higher energy prices.

The meeting will be held by Zoom on Tuesday 18th October, from 7 pm to 8pm, and is open to all Buckland residents.

If you would like to participate in this event, please let me let me know.

If you are considering these or other steps to reduce your carbon emissions, and would like to talk to other local residents about the pros and cons, we would be happy to put you in touch. And if you would like to join our network for information about future meetings, please contact me.

Ken Caldwell
Buckland Resident and Network Convenor