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Reducing Buckland’s contribution to global warming – Issued January 2021

Virtual Open Meeting: Tuesday 23rd February

In the last few years, we have seen a big shift in public concern about global warming, and engagement on ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Our media seems to be full of ideas (some more practical than others!) for things we can do to help the planet, but it is often hard to work out which actions will have the most impact on our greenhouse gas emissions.

Thankfully, a consensus is beginning to emerge amongst the scientists on the actions that we can take that will have the biggest impact on our greenhouse gas emissions, and it seems that for most households, the most important actions we can take (after we have insulated our homes as best we can) are to change how we power our cars and how we heat our homes. In December, the UK government announced a new national target of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 68% by 2030, as a step towards achieving “Net Zero” by 2050. The UK Committee on Climate Change (the body that advises the government on actions needed to meet our national carbon reduction targets) has worked out that to meet this target, we will need most households to be driving renewably powered cars and heating their homes with renewable energy by 2030.

Yet most of us are concerned about the practicalities and potential costs of moving away from fossil fuels, and are not sure whether it is a viable option for us.

Over the last few years, a growing number of communities around the UK are responding to this by creating a Low Carbon Homes network, where you can talk to people in your own community who have made the switch to renewable energy for their car or home, or taken other steps to reduce their carbon emissions at home, and learn about the pros and cons and whether it is right for you.

We’d like to test the water for whether there would be interest in creating a Low Carbon Homes network in Buckland, so would therefore like to hear from you if:

  1. You are interested in talking to other Buckland residents who have moved to renewable energy sources for their car or house, or taken other steps to reduce their carbon emissions in their home
  2. You have already moved to renewable energy sources for your car and/or house, or taken other steps to reduce your carbon emissions in your home, and would be happy to talk to other Buckland residents about your experience
  3. You’d like to help with this initiative in other ways

To get this started, I have offered to host a virtual open meeting for Buckland residents, for those who are interested in finding out more about options for shifting to renewable heating for your house. 

I’ll share our recent experience of moving our house from gas to renewable heating (in our case, by installing an air source heat pump), and would be happy to hear from others who would be willing to share their own experience of renewable house heating. 

The meeting will take place by Zoom on Tuesday 23rd February, at 7 pm.

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