Betchworth and Buckland Society

The Betchworth and Buckland Society was formed in 1958 to :

  • Protect the natural and built environment in our two villages
  • Provide financial support / advice for projects that enhance village life
  • Encourage interest in local history, culture and character
  • Promote social events, bringing together residents and to raise funds

Members’ benefits include:

  • Access to social and instructive events throughout the year.
  • Meeting friends and neighbours over a Christmas drink or at the Society’s annual dinner.
  • Attending one of the Society’s lectures and a range of local events.

The Society’s objectives include monitoring actual or proposed changes and giving members a voice. This includes lobbying for the protection of Sites of Special Scientific interest (our SSSI zones), the Green Belt, maintenance of the water table, control of local air traffic or any other risks concerning our environment.

To for more information about the society including how to join please visit the society’s website.