The Horticultural Society

The Horticultural Society has been a part of the community for over 50 years covering the villages of Brockham, Betchworth and Buckland in Surrey. 

The Society is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and the Surrey Horticultural Federation and is for everyone, regardless of age, experience or the size of garden.  

The Society is keen to promote the many advantages of gardening as widely as possible and actively support our local schools. 

Prior to the current crisis the Society has held talks, shows, a visit to a member’s garden and a plant sale each year. Consideration is being given to what might be possible come the autumn show planned for Saturday 19th September. Event posters are published on this website’s events calendar.

May Update

The Horticultural Society.

Limited traffic on our roads and very little aircraft noise means the sounds of nature in our gardens has become more apparent.  Mother Nature hasn’t been idle during this pandemic.

The plants are showing off their beautiful colours, the trees are standing proud with all of their leaves and the birds have built their nests to raise their young.

There is so much birdlife in our gardens at this present time and it is fascinating to observe. A huge family of sparrows have returned to the clematis.  Darting about in groups early evening, they swoop from the bird bath to a bush, up in the air for aerial acrobatics, finally landing on the brickwork in search of insects. Quite a display of a community working together!

The blackbirds chase off marauding magpies and crows to protect their young. They swoop very low to be undetected when they take food back to the nest. Woodpeckers are tapping in the surrounding trees and the large green woodpecker (the Yaffle) searches for ants in the grass.

Skylarks are often heard in the fields, whilst large birds of prey including a buzzard, red kites and a kestrel have appeared looking for small mammals.

The most beautiful sound in the garden now is birdsong.  Robins, blackbirds, blue tits, sparrows and the wren all sing in the early morning and evening. Birdsong is more noticeable and delightful as everywhere is so much quieter during this pandemic.

The weather has also been kind over the last few weeks with plenty of sun plus a certain amount of rain which our gardens need.   

Many of you are maybe planning for the Autumn Show in September. 

The Horticultural Society are considering new measures with the social distancing rules to help. More information and any new proposed ideas about the Show will be issued over the coming months.

In the meantime enjoy your gardens, listen to the birdsong and Keep Safe.

If you have caught the gardening bug and wish to join our Horticultural Society please send us an email  to ask for more details. Members receive 10% discount on plants at Buckland Nurseries.