Buckland and Betchworth Choral Society

Join a choir on the move

Buckland & Betchworth Choral Society is a very special body of people with one thing in common, we love to sing together.  Singing is proven to be ‘good for you’, irrespective of age.  No equipment or qualifications needed, just a love of using your vocal chords.

So why consider BBCS, there are lots of other groups around? 

  • We are well established. We’ve been competing in Dorking’s famous Leith Hill Musical Festival almost since it started in 1905.
  • BBCS a lively, friendly and ambitious choir of some sixty members led by dynamic conductor, Helen Smee, ably assisted by talented accompanist, Anna Tetsuya.  We have made great strides musically since Helen Smee took up our baton in September 2016.  Our repertoire and standard of performance have expanded significantly.
  • This summer we will be preparing Haydn’s Nelson Mass and Alexander L’Estrange’s ‘Ahoy!’ for Voices of London Gala Concert, on Saturday 30th June.
  • Helen will be leading us in music by two living composers Will Todd and Alexander Lestrange at the 2018 Leith Hill Festival, ably assisted by concert pianist, Anna Tetsuya.
  • We are not in the least bit stuffy.  We have great fun every Wednesday evening from the beginning of September right through till the end of June at Betchworth’s well-equipped Village Hall.  We go to pub at least once a month after we have worked together for a couple of hours and we are constantly doing social things together.  We welcome, really welcome, ladies and chaps of all ages and all experience.  And even if you’ve never sung before, there’s always somebody willing to lend a helping hand to get you on your way.

Come and try us out.  You’ll never look back, and you’ll be part of a choir that is going places.  Rehearsals are every Wednesday at Betchworth Village Hall, Station Road. From 7.45pm to 9.45pm.  Our next season starts on Wednesday 2nd May. Come and try out a choir that is going places. You’ll have fun!   Just bring along your voice and your interest in singing, that’s all you need.  We promise, there are no auditions!

Contact our Membership Secretary Katie Bell to learn more about our choir or log on to our website www.bbcsinfo.org