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Sadly, while the pandemic continues, the Society is unable to offer their usual monthly lectures in Betchworth Village Hall. However, our specially commissioned, on-line lectures by Zoom are proving extremely popular. In early August, many members attended Bertie Pearce’s Zoom lecture on ‘The Art of Visual Deception’ which was enthusiastically received.

If you are not a member, do read on, because you could attend these lectures as a visitor. Zooming is not complicated and we provide easy to follow instructions.  

Join us on Tuesday, 20th October at 2.30 for the next in our very popular series of virtual lectures when Simon Seligman will present a Zoom lecture entitled ‘From Venice to Sheffield: John Ruskin’s Passion for Art, Craft and Social Justice.

John Ruskin (1819 – 1900) was a truly extraordinary and visionary Victorian. As writer, teacher, artist, collector, patron and critic, Ruskin was perhaps the most complete polymath of the 19th century.

He left behind a dazzling range of writing and collections. His ideas inspired the Arts and Crafts Movement and the founding of the National Trust, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, and the Labour Movement.

He influenced the thinking of Tolstoy, Proust and Gandhi. He became deeply concerned by what he saw as the negative impacts of the industrialization of 19th century England. So he set up projects that aspired to give the working man access to beauty, art, craft and the land.

In 1871, he founded what became the Guild of St George, the charity for arts, crafts and the rural economy. This lecture spans Ruskin’s life and work from the timeless and global to the intimate and exquisite, to paint a portrait of a great life.

Our lecturer, Simon Seligman, formerly Head of Communications at Chatsworth, has lectured throughout the UK and in the US. He has also worked for John Ruskin’s charity the Guild of St George. 

If you would like to enjoy this absorbing, illustrated lecture do come as a visitor for £5.

Please email Pat Frankland or call Pat on 01737 842028 

All you need is a PC, laptop or tablet, and a comfy chair. We promise you won’t nod off!

For more information please visit our website.

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