The Arts Society Betchworth

Sadly, while the pandemic continues, the Society is unable to offer their usual monthly lectures in Betchworth Village Hall. However, our specially commissioned, on-line lectures by Zoom are proving extremely popular.

MONDAY 16th August at 5pm.

Bhutan: Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon

This lecture explores the history, art and culture of this extraordinary country, which for centuries has preserved its traditional Buddhist values. It is known by its inhabitants as Druk Yul or land of the Thunder Dragon – a reference to the Drukpa tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism that permeates every aspect of Bhutanese life. Over the last few decades there have been many changes; such as the introduction of roads, television and tourism. Will Bhutan be able to maintain the fine balance between tradition and modernity without diminishing its unique culture?”

Our lecturer is Zara Fleming, an independent art consultant, lecturer and exhibition curator with specialist knowledge of Buddhist art; focusing on the art and culture of Tibet and the Himalayas.

Join us on Monday, August 16th at 5pm for this stimulating, illustrated lecture. It is free for members but do come as a visitor for £5. All you need is a PC, laptop or tablet, a comfy chair and your favourite tipple!

Please email Pat Frankland or call Pat on 01737 842028. 

For more information please visit our website.

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