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The SHAC at Buckland Park Lake – working in partnership with nature.

The Surrey Hills Adventure Company (The SHAC) is the water and woodland operator at Buckland Park Lake offering a range of activities on a “book per session in advance basis“.

The SHAC has been working in harmony with the beautiful surroundings and nature at Buckland Park Lake since 2017 and, as we enter our 5th year The SHAC is committed to working closely with the local community to help Buckland Park Lake become an asset for Buckland and beyond for generations to come. 

The SHAC’s activities currently include: 

To join us for an activity visit The SHAC website to prebook your space as all activities are run on a pre booked basis. We encourage anyone living locally to walk or cycle to Buckland Park Lake (whenever possible) to minimise the environmental impact of your visit.

Our operational approach is very different to other similar operators; as we believe the experience is as important as the activity, we welcome people who wish to get closer to nature (in and out of the water) and limit numbers to ensure we can deliver a memorable experience.

We believe the connection with water and nature should be what drives people to join us – not just the physical health benefits. People who come to us are not about competitive swimming or paddling; they are more interested in the benefits that being in and on the water in a natural environment bring both mentally and physically. 

We encourage swimmers that wish to swim to use whatever stroke they prefer and we help people who are nervous about swimming in wilder locations gain knowledge and experience on our courses. Our experienced team is always on hand to offer support whenever help or advice is needed and a key focus is keeping you safe. 

The SHAC looks forward to welcoming you to Buckland Park Lake this year and for many years to come.

To learn more about The SHAC or to find answers to any questions you might have please visit The SHAC website