Buckland Park Lake

Panoramic view Buckland Park Lake
Park Lake Panoramic

Buckland Park Lake comprises some 50 acres of water within a site totalling 100 acres.  Landscaping around most of the site was completed in 1990 once quarrying had finished and the forestry around the lake is therefore mature.  It also contains areas of ancient woodland and the Surrey Champion field maple – the largest recorded field maple in the county.  Over 60 species of bird-life have been observed on the site in the first eight months of 2017.

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Access to Buckland Park Lake

Public access will not be possible before the site is formally open.   Trespassers risk not only being removed from the site, but prosecution and a police record.  We adopt a strict policy on this: the water is deep and dangerous, and youths under the influence of alcohol or other substances they bring to the site, fail to realise that swimming in very cold, deep water is extremely hazardous.

As soon as lockdown restrictions ease, our business partner, The Surrey Hills Adventure Company (The SHAC), will continue their outdoor activities on the lake, notably paddle-boarding and outdoor swimming (in wetsuits).  If you would like to know more, or try out these activities, contact SHAC via the SHAC website.

Our fly-fishing season operates between April and October; our members enjoy fishing for trout on this lake and on Lawrence Lake.  If you are interested in joining our fly-fishing syndicate visit the Buckland Estate Fly Fishing Syndicate website.

More information about the Estate can be found on the Buckland Estate page on this website. Buckland Park Lake is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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