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Local Charities

Buckland Village Charity

Love Works – a Reigate based charity running foodbanks in Woodhatch and Merstham alongside projects to what would otherwise be the unmet needs of people in the local community

Anthony West House (refer to section under the Brockham Housing Trust heading)

Poland Trust

St Catherine’s Hospice

Dorking Friends of Cancer Research

Crockery/cutlery for hire in aid of Dorking Friends of Cancer Research UK
Dinner plate, knife, fork, dessert bowl and spoon set available for hire in aid of Cancer Research UK.  Loaned in multiples of 20, up to 120. £1 per set.  Delivery extra.  All funds donated to Cancer Research UK. 12 water jugs can be included for a further donation. Please send us an email.

RNLI Dorking and RNLI Reigate and Redhill