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Organ restoration

Hopefully you will know already that following the receipt and consideration of independent professional advice, the church is looking to restore our 100 year old organ to full working condition.  Some parts are not functioning and other parts are deteriorating over time.  If nothing is done, the organ could at some stage cease to function.  The proposed comprehensive restoration will include a clean and overhaul, soundboard restoration and re-leathering of bellows and pneumatic actions.   

The estimated cost of the restoration is £35,000 but as with the way of these types of projects, the full cost will not be known until the organ is taken apart and so with this in mind we have included what we hope is a suitable contingency figure.  Included in the costs is the VAT but we hope that at the end of the scheme we can be successful with an application to the recover the VAT from a dedicated grant scheme for listed places of worship.

We have with lots of support from the village started to raise the funds steered by a committee composed largely of PCC members and the Friends of St Mary’s.  In particular, the Murder Mystery Evening at Hartsfield Manor in early October was a great event; those attending not only enjoyed the evening but raised £1000.  The May Fayre next year will also raise funds and we are very grateful that the village is putting its weight behind the project.

So far with grants, funds from events and personal legacies we have raised £12,100 which is either money already received or a grant commitment to be paid when the order is placed. Of that figure, £1500 is a legacy, £8300 promised in grants and £2300 from events such as the Murder Mystery and recent Coffee and Craft Morning.  We are awaiting the result of further outstanding grant applications and exploring what other funds may help us. If there are suggestions for other fund raising events, please let us know as well as any ideas for how the restored organ can be used for the benefit of our church and community.