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David and Linda Hogg at Buckland Nurderies

Buckland Nurseries was established as a family run garden centre business over 150 years ago. 

The business was founded by Thomas Hogg in 1865 and has continued through six generations of the Hogg family into the hands of David and Linda Hogg (pictured alongside). 

Buckland Nurseries stocks a wide range of perennials, trees, shrubs, bedding plants, roses, herbs, garden sundries, tools, turf, seeds, paving and gravels and the friendly team looks forward to giving you a lovely welcome when you next visit their traditional Garden Centre. 

December Garden notes – Plenty of winter garden tasks – when the weather allows

Our topsy turvy climate continues. After a very warm start to November, it’s difficult to know if this will herald a cold winter or an unusually early or late start to spring next year. Whether harsh or mild, it’s best to be prepared in the garden. As you buy your Christmas tree now, some of your geraniums may still be in flower, but at the very least frosty nights are on the way so beware tender plants; even oak trees will finally release their late haul of leaves.

Any frost-free days in December are an ideal time to plant any last-minute bulbs for the spring, You could always pot up first into pots ready to transplant into their flowering position later. This is also the time for bare-rooted and root-balled hedging, as well as for planting fruit bushes.

Dig over flower borders and vegetable beds and remove weeds which have re-established during the warm autumn. Prune back deciduous trees and shrubs, many of which have seen a growth spurt recently following a quiet period during the exceptionally hot and dry weather during the summer. A pruning saw and a stout pair of sharp loppers are essential pieces of kit for this, perhaps the ideal Christmas gifts you were looking for?

Perennials need to have their dead growth removed where it no longer looks colourful. They can also be lifted and divided to give you free extra plants in other areas. Most other plants and shrubs can also now be safely dug up and moved if you want to change their location.

Of course if the snow descends these tasks will have to wait. For many evergreens it’s the weight of snow which can cause problems so brush it off where you see sagging branches to avoid damage.

Maybe we will see a white Christmas after all ! 

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David Hogg
Buckland Nurseries