Grow Smiles

Photograph of Holly, who runs Grow Smiles

Grow Smiles is a small, independent nursery tucked away on Church Farm in Betchworth (find it here) run by Holly. Grow Smiles is born from the pure joy that plants bring and the desire to share that joy.  

We grow the majority of our plants ourselves, sticking to our Grow Green principles – we do not use chemicals, our compost is peat-free, the pots we sell plants in are roadside recyclable and we reuse and repurpose wherever possible.

We have a huge variety of plants available – most of which are pollinator friendly and will look wonderful in your gardens or pots.

The nursery is open on Saturdays from 10-2pm – you can book an appointment to visit the nursery outside of those times.

We also offer a click and collect/delivery service and our plants are available at the Betchworth Village Store & Café.

The concept of Grow goes much further than just plants – we aim to grow minds and happiness.  We write a host of articles to help you make the most of your gardens and to help you Grow Green – have a look here.  Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media for our latest updates.  If you have any special requests or questions – please do get in touch.

Gardening in the Summer

This is the month when all of our hard work is truly rewarded – when the garden is alight with fabulous flower displays – a floral fiesta.  Any gaps can be plugged with flowering perennials that will return bigger and better next year or annuals that will give a spark of colour.   It is also a great time to take cuttings and collect seed.   Watering is a constant task – maybe consider easing it with the use of soaker hoses that get water straight into the ground.  An addition of a timer could make sure that your garden is watered first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  It’s always good to take a step back from your garden, have a look at what you would like more of or maybe even less of, what is thriving, what needs to go.  Maybe take photos to serve as a reminder.  Grow Smiles’ Bulb Bar is open until 27th June – a selection of showstopping Autumn planting bulbs to make your 2022 display even better.  

Happy gardening.


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