Grow Smiles

Photograph of Holly, who runs Grow Smiles

Grow Smiles is a small, independent nursery tucked away on Church Farm in Betchworth (find it here) run by Holly. Grow Smiles is born from the pure joy that plants bring and the desire to share that joy.  

We grow the majority of our plants ourselves, sticking to our Grow Green principles – we do not use chemicals, our compost is peat-free, the pots we sell plants in are roadside recyclable and we reuse and repurpose wherever possible. 

We have a vast variety of plants available – most of which are pollinator friendly and will look wonderful in your gardens or pots.

The nursery is closed until the Spring.  As we are on horticultural land, we can only open 28 days a year.  We also offer a click and collect/delivery service and our plants are available at the Betchworth Village Store & Café.

The concept of Grow goes much further than just plants – we aim to grow minds and happiness.  We write a host of articles to help you make the most of your gardens and to help you Grow Green – have a look here.  Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media for our latest updates.  If you have any special requests or questions – please do get in touch.

Gardening in the Winter

Few growers want to spend time in the garden in the first few weeks of the year. It’s pretty bleak and cold. Far better to hunker down and retreat to the comfort of your armchair. Nestle, meander through your memories, dream and let your imagination run riot – map out your dream garden for 2022.  Read our “Armchair Gardening” article for inspiration. From your armchair, of course!

A New Year’s Resolution to Grow Green

I’m not overly keen on New Year’s resolutions. They always seem to be almost unachievable goals that are left behind by February. Growing Green is not so much a resolution but a practice that can be easily incorporated into our everyday gardening. It is more of a commitment to garden in harmony with nature.

At Grow this is at the heart of everything we do. We are always trying new approaches e.g. last year we successfully experimented with overcoming Ground Elder with Hardy Geraniums and are now trialling sustainable wool for mulch and repelling slugs and snails.  Read our article ‘Grow Green’ to find out how easy it is to apply to your everyday gardening. It has just been updated with our new findings.

Our 2022 Growing List

We have created a list of what we are growing for you this year. It is called a “Growing” list rather than a “Plant” list as nothing is guaranteed in the plant world. This list is what we are doing our utmost to bring to you this year.

Despite being a mammoth task, it was a useful one as it highlighted gaps that needed filling. So of course there will be plants that will join us along the way. We haven’t listed all the bedding plants but rest assured, there will be some edibles. We work with other nurseries so will be adding some of their special plants and shrubs that we do not yet cultivate.

The  2022 Growing List details ultimate size, ideal soil and light conditions, flowering months and colour. As well as a PDF, there is a copy in Excel format so you can sort it to help your planning – undoubtedly and unashamedly – we are plant geeks! There are no pretty pictures, unfortunately we don’t have Sarah Raven like resources and cannot produce a full-blown catalogue. However, in February we will start to publish our weekly availability list which will be accompanied with photos. Here you will see the plants that have made it and are ready for your garden. 

Some of our plants, such as Peonies, Bearded Iris (new this year) and Autumn planting bulbs are available by pre-order only at our online Plant Bar.  Please sign up to our newsletter to find out when the Plant Bar opens.

We can help you source pretty much any plant you are looking for – we help lots of clients in this way. So please just get in touch if you are looking for some special plants and cannot see them on the list.

Happy gardening.


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