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Grow Smiles

Photograph of Holly, who runs Grow Smiles

Update : 13th March 2023

I hope this update finds you in good health and spirits and looking forward to the growing season ahead. The weather has not been kind to us but this just means that, when the time is right, we will burst into gardens with even more joy than usual.

I feel very guilty that I have not been in touch for so long. This is because I have been sitting, in limbo, on some very big news. I wanted to have the full picture before sharing it with my lovely newsletter readers, although some of you may have already seen our announcements on social media.

I had great plans for the nursery this year – workshops, Grow Clubs, new plants and more. But you know what they say about the best laid plans! In November we chanced across a wholesale nursery business for sale by the coast in Devon. Moving was definitely not on our horizon, we love where we live and work. However, this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we cannot let it pass by. So I have been sitting here, quiet as a mouse, whilst I wait to see what would happen to the Grow Smiles nursery.

I am thrilled to announce that Jo of Hope Nursery in Brockham has taken over the reins and will become the custodian of the nursery. Jo plans to transition slowly and for this season will sell from her site in Brockham and grow in Betchworth until the switch over happens.

I could not be happier about Jo taking over. She shares the same grow green ethics and is completely plant obsessed like me. We are like peas in a pod! I feel really content that Jo will be looking after my baby nursery! I will do an open day at Brockham with Jo so that you can come & say hello to us both. Hope Nursery is open most Saturdays from 10-4 in Wheelers Lane, Brockham, RH3 7HJ. Jo has also taken over the outdoor plants at the Betchworth Village Shop & Café.

We won’t be going until the end of June at the earliest. I will continue to create plant plans for customers and have some exciting projects underway and also stock the Betchworth Shop and Café with houseplants. Only this morning, I put some lovely botanical gifts in there for Mother’s Day (see photo below). I will also take this time to rest and look after myself – swim, yoga and do some things that I haven’t had the chance to do – visit gardens, go to more markets … I’ll start learning and preparing for our next adventure. I’ll have a play with some botanical creations. Just really to enjoy having this brief window of more free time and to prepare for the next big step. Thank you for all for being such a huge part of our journey and giving me the courage to take the next giant step.  This is definitely not goodbye. I will be in the area until the end of June at least. The nursery will live on in Jo’s safe hands. Our Grow Smiles community will be kept alive on social media and with the occasional newsletter for plant banter & updates on Devon. Together, wonderful Growers, we can keep Growing

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Happy gardening.