In these strange time that we find ourselves in, as official advice and guidance remains subject to regular updates, you are encouraged to
(i) visit the page of (hopefully) useful links;
(ii) make use of (and add to) the links on the “online support page“;
(iii) read updates published by our local businesses;
(iv) know that Buckland Community Support (the village group set up to support our local community as we all pull together in the fight against Covid-19) and our local Rector, Rev Anna are here to support you.

A Buckland Community Support leaflet drop was made (March 2020) to every household in the parish asking anyone in need of help to make contact and asking local residents to put their names forward as volunteers to support those in need. If you have mislaid your leaflet and wish to get in touch please contact Debbie Jones on 07701 347351.

With over 40 of Buckland’s residents signed up as Buckland Community Support volunteers we have a fantastic resource able and willing to respond to anyone needing help. By the 11th May over 70 prescriptions have been collected for households who are self-isolating and over 100 food parcels have been delivered to homes impacted by Covid-19 and struggling to put a meal on the table. And this is all over and above the friendly help village residents are providing to neighbours, support that is being complemented by many friendly phone calls to try to reduce the risk of anyone feeling lonely.

Although the following update from Rev Anna was written shortly after lockdown began it remains as relevant as ever so do take a few moments to scroll through it…..

Buckland Community Support and Debbie’s amazing co ordination has mean’t that Buckland residents are all looking out for one another at this difficult time. I have recently circulated a leaflet on behalf of the church offering complementary help, alongside Buckland Community Support, working together for practical and pastoral concerns.

This is a very intense and scary time for all of us. The lifestyle changes have been hard to adjust to, especially for those home schooling or self isolating from family and friends. Although we are all required to stay at home, I am still available pastorally to talk on the phone or by email to anyone who needs an ear – it doesn’t have to be faith related! I am here for everyone.

On a positive note, it has been great to witness the community come together in this crisis – by continuing to working together we will get through it!

Rector Anna can be contacting by calling 07939 388607 or 01737 901860 or sending Anna an email.