In these strange time that we find ourselves in, with official advice and
guidance remaining subject to change you are encouraged to:

Buckland Community Support is a village group that was established in March 2020 to support our local community, as we all started to pull together in the fight against Covid-19.  Buckland Community Support  “paused” its volunteer effort on 1st August 2020 in line with the government’s announced “pausing of shielding”.  However, if you or someone else you know in Buckland is in need of support and are unsure who to approach please give Debbie a call on 07701 347351.

Surrey County Council will continue to operate its community helpline  during August to help anyone who needs support during the pandemic.  To contact the helpline call 0300 200 1008 between 8am and 6pm Monday – Friday and between 10am and 12 noon on Saturdays and Sundays.