Parish Council

Buckland is served by a Parish Council which comprises up to seven Parish Councillors and a Clerk.

NIgel Husband - Chairman

Nigel Husband Chairman

Ianthe Cox - Parish Councillor

Ianthe Cox

Alan Horden - Parish Councillor

Alan Horden

Debbie Jones - Vice Chairman

Debbie Jones
Vice Chairman

Alan Pryor - Parish Councillor

Alan Pryor

Julian Steed - Parish Councillor

Julian Steed

Michael Bourke - Parish Councillor

Michael Bourke

Sheena Boyce - Clerk

Sheena Boyce – Clerk

Your Parish Council is a local level of government and has a number of roles and responsibilities. These are increasing over time as the Government devolves more responsibility to local communities and reduces the funding made available to our District and County Councils.

The Parish Council forecast income for the 2021/22 financial year is £17,960 that is partly raised through a Parish precept of £14,868 (collected by Mole Valley District Council (“MVDC”) on the Parish Council’s behalf).  For the balance, Buckland Parish Council relies on contributions from MVDC that include £2,230 towards the cost of maintaining the registered village green and pond as an area for recreation for everyone who lives or works in the local area and a £862 share of a government grant provided to MVDC that relates to the localisation of Council Tax Support (previously managed by central government) that took effect a few years ago.

Buckland Parish Council (“Council”) in addition to maintaining the open areas in the centre of the village, cares for the war memorial, provides financial support to the village website, maintains parish assets that include the village sign, two notice boards, the floodlighting to the church and various benches and ensures each of the three parish grit bins are replenished each Autumn.  Council applies any residual balance towards projects designed to deliver amenity improvements including, over recent years, improvements to the A25 roadside footways and to our local rights of way.

Council is consulted by MVDC on all planning applications arising in Buckland and is consulted by MVDC, Surrey County Council and Surrey Police in relation to other government functions including planning policy, highways maintenance, road safety, public rights of way and local policing.

Council provides a link to the local community and takes up issues on behalf of the community as a whole.  Council organises an Annual Parish Meeting and welcomes residents and local business people to attend Council meetings to participate in an Open Forum (a public session, usually near the start of each meeting) and to observe proceedings during the remainder of the meeting.

Council incurs administrative expenses and the cost of employing our CILCA qualified part time Clerk to handle administration and ensure Council keeps abreast of legislation and its obligations.

Council seeks to identify and address areas of local concern and to pursue opportunities to improve the quality of life for Buckland residents.  To contact Buckland Parish Council please use our contact form.

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