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Aircraft movements affecting Buckland

Buckland is currently affected by four principal flight paths as follows:

Whilst Buckland residents are not currently as seriously impacted by aircraft noise as some Surrey residents (who find themselves permanently under a flight path and over flown by low altitude aircraft), Buckland Parish Council (“Council”) continues to monitor developments.

Should you be affected by noise there are two sites you can use to monitor aircraft movements, identify specific aircraft and register a noise complaint – click Gatwick or Heathrow. Gatwick provide the option of calling 01293 311568 to register a complaint or submitting an online complaint via PC or mobile.

Future changes in the airspace in Southeast England are expected, especially if the development of a third runway at LHR proceeds, about which there will be other consultations as yet to be published. Council continues to monitor developments with the intention of submitting responses to relevant consultations.

Gatwick Airport Limited (GAL)

On Thursday 18th October 2018, Gatwick Airport published its 2018 Draft Masterplan which included details of the proposal for utilising the emergency northern runway as a full operational runway.

In July 2019 Vinci Group, GAL’s majority owner, announced its plans to grow the airport’s capacity by between 20% and 50% over the next ten to twelve years by harnessing of new technology on the main runway and repurposing its emergency runway.

Notwithstanding the immediate and likely longer-term fall in demand for the airport’s services, GAL, having factored in the time management believe it will take to gain the necessary approvals, construct and start operations have launched a twelve week public consultation on their plans which started on Thursday 9th September 2021 and will close on Wednesday 1st December 2021.

You can now view the full consultation materials and have your say online. The Statement of Community Involvement and a letter issued to residents living close the airport includes details and timings for locations a “mobile project office” will be located during the consultation period and the opening times for venues that have agreed to make available a reference copy of the consultation documents.

GAL held a Gatwick Airport Airspace and Noise Management Board Public Meeting on 3 December. Meeting notes and a copy of the slides presented to the meeting are available to download.

If you would like to find out more about airspace and aircraft noise or the Noise Management Board please visit the ‘Aircraft Noise and Airspace’ pages of Gatwick’s website or Noise Management Board.

Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign (GACC)

Council is a parish council member of GACC and relies upon GACC for advice and notifications of developments in the air industry that could have an impact on operations at Gatwick airport.  

GACC recently expressed its belief that the Covid-19 pandemic provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a greener, cleaner, less noisy, more responsible and better regulated aviation industry and advised it is currently working with a range of national groups to try to ensure community and environmental views are heard and fully considered as aviation restarts.

GACC has expressed disappointment that GAL has not yet withdrawn what GACC considers to be unnecessary and damaging expansion proposals, and committed to continue to oppose them at every opportunity. GACC does not address issues specific to London Heathrow Airport.

GACC invites all local residents to consider joining GACC to help protect the interests of communities around the airport and under flight paths.