Buckland – Photo galleries

Each Autumn volunteers gather on our village green to take part in a “Village Tidy and Pond clearance”. The Reigate Area Conservation Volunteers, who lead the activities in and around the pond, record any new species spotted during the event (i.e. plants, insects, mammals, reptiles and birds) and suggested the village might like to create a photographic record of all species that can be found in Buckland.  

So, with quite a few Buckland residents spending a fair bit of time in and around the village earlier this year (2020), a request has been issued to ask residents to share any photographs they take when enjoying time in their gardens or taking a walk in the village.

Photographs that are shared with our webmaster are published in our galleries – the person who took the photograph retains the copyright. Please have your camera at the ready when you head outdoors in Buckland and help us “add more species”.

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