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Website Terms and Conditions

The aim of this website is to provide information for people who live or work in Buckland and their families and friends. If you are new to the Village you will hopefully find useful information about local activities, amenities, businesses and services and host information relating to Buckland Parish Council. 

We welcome new content, are happy to provide links to local groups, activities, businesses and services and encourage all our contributors to submit updated content on a regular basis to ensure our village website remains relevant and up to date.

If you have information you would like to see published on your village website please contact our webmaster.

When you visit Buckland village website

Buckland village website is hosted by an external company who use Google analytics and server IP addresses to monitor the number of visits being made to the village website and to block disruptive use of the village website.

Responses to a Website Query and the query itself will be deleted once actioned.

When you contact Buckland Parish Council via a link on the village website the Parish Council Privacy Policy will apply to any personal data collected by Buckland Parish Council.

Buckland’s village website contains links to the websites of local groups, activities, businesses and services. If you follow a link to any of these third party websites, they will each have their own terms and conditions. Neither Buckland Village Website nor its Volunteer Webmaster accepts any responsibility or liability for third party websites.

When you submit content to be displayed on Buckland Village Website

If the content you provide does not contain any personal information and our webmaster considers it appropriate, the information will be published as soon as practicable.

If the content you provide does contain personal information our webmaster will contact you to obtain your explicit consent to publish any personal information on the website.

Contributors are asked to refresh the content they provide on a regular basis to ensure our village website remains relevant and up to date. The Webmaster reserves the right to delete content no longer considered current.

Invitation to anyone who lives or works in Buckland

If you encounter any difficulty viewing content on this website please contact our webmaster.

Please encourage any local group, activity, business or service not currently represented on the village website to contribute to help keep our website topical and vibrant.